Next Event - Sept 23, 2014 @ 5 to 8 pm

The Art of Networking

Learn the art of networking and grab a sneak peek at
West Michigan's premier art festival

This month's NW2NW is scheduled for September 23, the evening before ArtPrize.  Learn the art of networking while visiting nearby venues the night before ArtPrize opens up. We will meet at Westminster Presbyterian Church between 5:00 and 5:30 for registration.  From there, in small groups we will depart on a mission to discover the venues nearby while discovering more about each other in the process.  We will gather back at the church at 7:00 pm to discuss our discoveries and for more  networking.   For those who prefer not to join the walking tour we will have a workshop on key questions and answers for networking.

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Event Speakers

Tom Tock
Tom is motivated by people succeeding in ways that they have never imagined before. He has the ability to work with small business owners, employees, and technology to put in place the people and strategies to accomplish their goals. He has been called the “BASF Man” from the old commercial as in, “We don’t make the music we make it sound better. We don’t make the clothes we make them brighter”. This due to his commitment and creative to see other people succeed at their goals.

He has impacted a variety of industries, including energy, real estate, trades, timber, government, software, home improvement, and insurance. "My ability to listen to peoples’ vision, goals, and needs and turn those into action and ultimately profit is why I succeed."

Ken Soper

Ken is the President & Co-founder of EaRN, the Employment and Resource Network, a 34-year career management professional, and a NCDA-recognized Master Career Counselor and NBCC National Certified Career Counselor. Ken currently has a long term West Michigan career transition consulting assignment with the global career transition and talent management firm, Lee Hecht Harrison.

This is a free event hosted at:
Westminster Presbyterian Church
47 Jefferson Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

NetWork2NewWork is Grand Rapid’s premier orchestrated-networking event for individuals to enhance their career, or seek new opportunities and employers find new talent.

  • Enhance your career by building your network in and out of your industry
  • Help your employer find new talent to employ or contract with
  • Find new employment or work for yourself
  • Discover new connections to grow your business

Volunteer for NetWork2NewWork
One of the best ways to network and grow your list of contacts is to volunteer for local non-profits.  You can start with NetWork2NewWork.  We need volunteers to help with planning, contacting speakers, speaking, food prep, and registration. If you would like to help with this event or future ones please fill out the form below.

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